Friday, May 1, 2009

F/G Trains - Bergen St. (Day 8, stop #315)

Out:  At this time of morning, I see of mix of some gentrifiers and some black people around.  There is some guy on a bike yelling at somebody in a car in Spanish.  There’s an organic market, a diner, and a Dunkin’ Donuts.  There’s an upscale Peruvian restaurant, meat market, and Indian place.  

Not too many of the businesses are open yet, so there aren’t too many people on the street.  Off of Smith St. (and on it, above the stores), the neighborhood looks very residential with few buildings over three/four stories, primarily well-maintained brick row houses and small apartment buildings.  

This neighborhood looks pleasant and gentrifying, but still a little rough around the edges.

In:  The layout here is two platform facing each other, two track.  There are white tile walls, the station is pretty clean, and the lighting is decent.  There are green tile borders on the top and bottom of the walls, and many mosaic tile station name signs on a green tile background.  There are also some scattered sea green tiles in with the white tiles, creating a bit of a pattern on the walls in certain places.  The roof looks pretty old and leaky, and there is no crossover to the other side.