Friday, May 1, 2009

F/G Trains - Carroll St. (Day 8, stop #316)

Out:  Carroll Gardens here is very residential.  There is still a mix of people on this commercial stretch of Smith St., but the key features of the neighborhood are the beautiful row houses, plenty of trees, and a small park by the stop.  

There’s also a school and both upscale and downscale restaurants.  There are plenty of white people, and many signs of gentrification.  This area seems a bit nicer than by the Bergen stop, and everything appears to be well-maintained and in good shape.  There are many houses with flat brown fronts, which is an architectural style I hadn’t seen too much yet.

In:  Similar to Bergen St., but with darker green accents, and the station is a bit more dimly lit.  There are two opposed platforms and four tracks with express bypass.  The columns are large, square, and green, but not metal on the exterior.  On part of the platform, the express tracks are below grade.