Friday, May 1, 2009

A/C/F Trains - Jay St.-Borough Hall (Day 8, stop #314)

Out:  At intersection of Jay St. and Willoughby St.  The exterior here is similar to the R stop at MetroTech, but the feel is slightly different since I’m here in the morning instead of the afternoon.  

There’s a mix of big offices, old factory-type buildings, and small electronics/wireless/clothing/food shops.  On the street it is pretty divided between office workers of many races and black people who look like they live around here.  On the corner there’s one guy handing out free copies of the Daily News and another person yelling out “Phones! Free Phones!”  At this time in Downtown Brooklyn, there are plenty of people around but it’s not too crowded.

In:  The setup here is two platform, four track.  The A/C/F all stop here on opposite sides of wide platforms.  The platform area is decently lit.  The white tile walls are kind of dirty, and there is a purplish-blue tile stripe accent down the walls with “Jay” in small black letters.  On one platform, there are columns at the edge with white tile squares, while on the other there are purplish-blue columns.  There is a very long and wide mezzanine with tiled columns.  To exit there are also long corridors with tunnels to reach the other exits.