Friday, May 1, 2009

F Train - York St. (Day 8, stop #313)

Out:  At intersection of York St. and Jay St.  The surroundings here in DUMBO still appear to be pretty industrial, despite the rapid gentrification.  There are still factories nearby, as well as others converted into loft apartments, that are overshadowed by the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.  

There is also a huge new apartment building a block from the stop (see photo below).  

The people around are mostly gentrifiers (i.e. white/Asians), but there are few homeless-looking black guys outside the station exit.  There are also a few other black/Hispanic people around, probably from a less gentrified portion of the neighborhood.

In:  Similar to E. Broadway, but larger.  There are off-white tiles on the walls and there are still purple tiling accents with small “York” on the signs.  This station has an arched ceiling painted black, indicating its relation to the tunnel under the East River.  Some of the round columns are covered in tile as well.  I need to walk quite a long way down a long, narrow, dimly-lit corridor to reach the only exit.