Tuesday, May 5, 2009

E/V Trains - Lexington Av.-53 St. (Day 9, stop #391)

Out:  The people around here are still mostly office workers, with fewer tourists.  There is not too much happening on the street, but some of the skyscrapers are pretty interesting, architecturally.  

The people around still look well-dressed with plenty of cash, and are of many ethnicities.  However, there are also a few homeless people over here as well.  The entrance to the subway is encased in glass here.  Most of the buildings around are skyscrapers, but there are a few smaller buildings down 53rd St.

In:  The entrance here is brightly lit, and there is a long hallway visible for connection to the 6 train.  There is, interestingly, also a waterfall in the station.  There are lots of Orthodox kids hanging out here, for some reason, sitting by the turnstiles.  There is a mosaic tile mural of various shapes on the mezzanine.  The station here is quite crowded with lots of people.  I take a long escalator down to the platform level; deeper than 5 Av., but still not as bad as the F at Lex.  The layout here is only one platform, with trains in both directions.  The roof is long and arched, with peeling paint.  There are red metal columns by the platform.  There are no tiles on the walls, just a black and white arch with one red stripe saying “Lex Av-53 St.”.