Tuesday, May 5, 2009

E/V Trains - 5 Av.-53 St. (Day 9, stop #390)

Out:  There is some appealing granite work at the immediate exit to the station, as part of the attached building here.  The stop here is right next to St. Patrick’s cathedral.  

The people on the street are a mix of office workers, rich folk, and tourists.  There are a number of large office skyscrapers but also some smaller-scale offices, and the MoMA is down the block toward 6th Ave.  

There are some carts selling food around, but otherwise there are only the expensive retail stores on 5th Ave.; not too much to eat otherwise around here.  I walk over to Lex to the next stop.

In:  Large square white and red tiles, in a matte finish.  In this direction the station only appears to be one track, one platform; the other local track is upstairs, with a metal arched roof.  The express tracks are not visible here.  The station is dimly lit, in poor condition, with lots of peeling paint.  The station name is painted on red tiles.  There are narrow metal red columns by the platform edge, and the wall on the track side is black and untiled; this makes the station look even dimmer.  Here I take a long escalator up to the booth, but it’s not nearly as deep as the F stop at Lex.  The mezzanine has some retail shops attached to the exit.