Tuesday, May 5, 2009

B/D/F/V Trains - 47-50 St.-Rockefeller Ctr. (Day 9, stop #389)

Out:  The buildings here are mostly office towers and other skyscrapers, and the people on the street are primarily office workers leaving to go home a bit early on Friday (~ 4 p.m.).  

There are also a good number of tourists here.  On the corner here there are ice cream trucks and small food stands, as well as some restaurants and shops at street level of the tall buildings, especially on the side streets off 6th Ave.  

Near the stop is Radio City Music Hall and plenty of people relaxing by the fountain across 6th Ave.  

Inside the shops at Rockefeller Center I manage to finally use the bathroom after basically walking underground all the way over the 5th Ave.

In:  This station has lots of entrances, many built into the sides of the nearby buildings.  Also there are many retail outlets and food places on the upper level of the station, called “The Concourse”.  There are white-tiled dodecahedrons near the platform, and there are grey and white floors.  The long mezzanine level has red metal columns and Lufthansa ads. The layout here is two platform, four track with local and express access.  The platforms here are not at equal height, so it’s kind of strange to look at the wrong level onto the neighboring track.  The walls have small white tiling with a reddish tile stripe.  The station name “47-50” is painted on small black wall tiles.