Tuesday, May 5, 2009

E/V Trains - 23 St.-Ely Ave. (Day 9, stop #392)

Out:  Not too many people here, right outside the Citi building in L.I.C.  There are some workers around, and the ones that are here are mostly white.  There are some empty lots near this big office tower, and the other buildings are all only a few stories tall and clad in brick for the most part.  In general, though, the area feels pretty empty.  Nearby there are a couple of Italian restaurants and a coffee shop along with some factories.  I also see some surprisingly well-preserved row houses, but many of the buildings look kind of run down.

In:  There are two platforms facing each other here, with off white tiles on the walls and a red tile stripe with black border.  There are red metal columns by the platform edge.  The lighting is decent, and the floors are grey tile.  There is peeling paint on the roof, and some artwork on the mezzanine, of a large circle surrounded by mosaic tile.