Thursday, May 7, 2009

E Train - World Trade Center (Day 10, stop #442)

Out:  The area around the station is surprisingly very crowded.  The station itself is right next to Ground Zero, and shares its entrance with the PATH train stop.  There is plenty of construction going on in the big hole in the ground.  

The area is surrounded by impressive office buildings, which are very easy to see because of the large open construction site.  There are both many office workers as well as tourists of all races and classes.  There are also many commuters heading for the PATH train. 

There is a pleasant little outdoor plaza outside the Hilton hotel here; I sit down on a little ledge to write these notes.  I’m also sitting right behind an old church I’ve come across many times during my travels, as it’s in the close vicinity of many of these downtown stops.  

There aren’t too many stores around, but an important one to many people is Century 21 clothing outlet.

In:  The layout of the station here is one platform, with two tracks for layup of the train at the last stop here.  This station is actually just to the side of a long walkway up to the A/C trains at Chambers; its kind of a strange extension of that station.  The platform is quite wide, with blue metal columns on both sides.  On one side there is a white-tiled wall (with no tile mosaics), while on the other there is only a black metal grating which looks onto the tunnel to Chambers St. stop.  The station is well-lit.