Thursday, May 7, 2009

2/3 Trains - Park Place (Day 10, stop #441)

Out:  This station is basically right next to City Hall Park and City Hall, on the Broadway side.  There are people of all ethnicities, some in suits, some in business casual, and some not dressed for work.  There are some wealthy-looking white people who seem to live around here (i.e. in workout clothes or walking dogs), but in general most of the people on the street likely just work here or are passing through.  The establishments around are mostly quick food spots (i.e. for lunch while at work), banks, or cafes.  The area does not feel particularly residential, and the buildings around are still mostly offices.  I walk over the Church St. from here to get to the E stop at WTC.

In:  Again the layout is one narrow platform with trains in both directions; however, the platform is a bit wider than at Fulton St.  There are new white tiles on the walls, but older mosaic tiles on the top of the wall, in yellow and blue, with a “P”.  The lighting is pretty good, and there are blue metal columns on both sides of the platfrorm.  I use the escalator to exit at Park Place and Broadway.