Thursday, May 7, 2009

2/3 Trains - Fulton St. (Day 10, stop #440)

Out:  The area here is still pretty much all office buildings, but they aren’t quite as huge nor is the canyoning effect as significant.  While the people around are still mostly white, there are more people of other races, including black and Hispanic, plus the people on the street are less likely to be wearing suits.  However, many people are still in office attire.  There are some small cafes and restaurants nearby, and a few bars and restaurants heading east on Fulton.  

There are also some luxury condos being built right by the stop.  The downtown branch of the Strand bookstore, a place I always pop in whenever I'm down here, is also nearby.

In:  The layout here is one narrow platform with trains in both directions.  There is a brown and blue-green tile mosaic with the station name, but in a different font than usual; it’s the same color scheme at the top of the wall.  There are green columns on the platform, and the white tiles on the walls look newly renovated.  There is not much on the mezzanine, which above the 2/3 is just a long narrow hallway with confusing transfers to the various other trains at this stop.