Thursday, May 7, 2009

2/3 Trains - Wall St. (Day 10, stop #439)

Out:  There are lots of people here in suits and button downs, and almost all are white, East, or South Asian, but there are a few folk of other ethnicities.  There are also some tourists here.  The commercial establishments include a Starbucks and a Chase bank branch, but for the most part there are just huge office skyscrapers, some with an older architecture and others more modern.  

The canyoning effect here, where much of the sunlight is blocked by the tall buildings, is quite significant, especially because the streets are narrow.  

Wall St. itself has restricted traffic, so there aren’t really many cars right by the stop.  This station is just one black from the J/M stop.  I walked up William St. here to get to the Fulton St. stop.

In:  The layout here is one platform, two track with trains in both directions.  The platform is very narrow, but well lit.  There are white tiles on the walls, with a mosaic tile border at the top and a “W” on a burgundy background with green accents.  The tiles are dirty and actually hard to see.  There are blue-grey metal columns by the platform.