Thursday, May 7, 2009

2/3 Trains - Clark St. (Day 10, stop #438)

Out:  The station here is actually attached to a small sushi place and deli.  The outside here is clearly Brooklyn Heights.  There are birds chirping in the trees, lots of white people, beautiful houses, and upscale stores.  

The stop is still fairly close to downtown Brooklyn, but there is definitely a more wealthy and safe feeling to the neighborhood.  The streets near the stop are also quite calm and small, and there is not much traffic.

In:  The layout here is one narrow platform with two tracks in each direction.  The station here, the last in Brooklyn going this direction, has rounded walls for a tube-tunnel shape.  There are white square tiles on the walls and mosaic street name, different in style than previous ones, with a blue background and green border.  There are also grey, brown and green tile stripes on the wall, and green metal columns on the platform edge.  The ceiling feels quite low here and there is plenty of peeling paint.  I walk down a short hall to access the exit, which has black floor tiling with red, yellow, and grey shapes embedded; kind of strange.  I am more surprised when I find this station actually has an elevator required to exit! I thought that was a Washington Heights thing.  However, the rides up seems shorter than those uptown in Manhattan, so it’s probably not as deep underground.