Thursday, May 7, 2009

A/C/E Trains - 14 St. (Day 10, stop #443)

Out:  The intersection here at 8th Ave. is crowded with lots of people out and about.  There are some office workers, some hipster, some gay folk.  The people are mostly white, but some black and Asian as well.  There is a wide variety of small delis and restaurants, and the stores are a mix of mid- to upscale.  The housing is a mix between low and high-rise apartments.  

There is an old bank building on the corner (see photo).  The general feeling here is residential, but with a lot of activity.

In:  The layout here is two platform, four track with local and express access.  Each platform is wide and well-lit, with tile floors.  There are yellow metal columns in the middle of the platform.  On the platform itself there are a number of small, rotund figures made of bronze, assuming various poses and placed on many surfaces.  There is a yellow tile stripe on the wall, otherwise white square tiles with a black “14th” painted intermittently.  There is a very long and wide mezzanine with multiple exits and yellow metal columns.  There is also a transfer to the L down a short passageway.