Tuesday, May 5, 2009

C Train - Rockaway Ave. (Day 10, stop #404)

Out:  Next to the stop here, the first things I notice are West Indian restaurants, boarded up houses, and empty lots.  It definitely does not look like a particularly pleasant neighborhood, but because it’s so early it also doesn’t look too dangerous.  

There is also a deli, Bible Gospel Center, a restaurant with Spanish and American food, a check cashing spot, and a liquor store.  Everyone I see over here is black, probably a mix of African-American and West Indian.  Most of the residential buildings are small row-house style apartments in red brick, which are not in the best condition for the most part.  Some smaller, attached brick houses look newer.  These could be private or public housing, though; it’s not clear.

In: Two platform, four track layout with express bypass.  There is a maroon tile stripe on the walls, and the mosaic IND-style station sign has a maroon background.  There are no columns by the platform.  The mosaic tile in the station sign looks newly replaced or cleaned, but the other tiling, not so much.  The lighting is pretty good.  In general, though, the station looks in decent condition.  There’s no mezzanine here, as the booth is at platform level and the exit is only one flight up.