Tuesday, May 5, 2009

C Train - Clinton Ave.-Washington Ave. (Day 10, stop #403)

Out: I exit here at the corner of Fulton and Washington. The neighborhood is definitely grittier over here than at Lafayette. The neighborhood is still ethnically mixed, but the balance here is more black than white. Also, there are no longer any fancy restaurants by this intersection. There is still a real estate office as well as a cheap Chinese joint and a hardware store. The housing here is pretty similar to Lafayette, but not as well-maintained.

There are not as many brownstones on the side street; instead they are more rowhouse style. I walk west over to Clinton, and notice a “Golden Krust”, Senegalese fashion center, yoga studio, and a mosque on the way. There is also some construction or renovation work being undertaken, and I do see a couple of upscale spots closer to Clinton Ave.
In: The color scheme and layout on the platform are similar to Lafayette, but here there is no mezzanine instead. When leaving the station, I accidentally got on at the Manhattan side but there’s no crossover; annoying. I get out, cross the street, and buy a FunPass for the rest of the day and get in the station.