Tuesday, May 5, 2009

C Train - Ralph Ave. (Day 10, stop #405)

Out:  This neighborhood feels very low-slung, but residential.  The people around are still pretty much all black, but again probably a mix of American, W. Indian, and maybe African.  The housing nearby comprises low-rise projects as well as red brick apartment buildings.  Near the stop there is a strip mall with a Rite Aid and parking lots.  There’s the “Guyana Bakery” and “Jamal’s Halal Food”.  Across Fulton is a wide one-story market (see photo) selling fish and meats.  

Nearby there are some empty lots, but by the stop there is a decent number of trees and a small park with a couple of older women sitting out and chatting (see photo).  

Again, it’s pretty early (10:15 a.m.) so it’s hard to tell if this neighborhood is rough or not, but at this time it doesn’t look too terrible.

In:  Similar to Rockaway Ave. at platform level.  However, here there is a long, wide mezzanine that extends about ½ the length of the platform.  There are also blue-grey metal columns interspersed on the mezzanine level.