Monday, May 4, 2009

B/D/E Trains - 7 Ave. (Day 9, stop #362)

Out:  This stop is again back into the thick of midtown Manhattan, as the surrounding buildings are almost all skyscrapers (some office, some residential, some hotel).  Most of the people are in office attire and on their way to work.  

There are some eateries around, “Lindy’s” diner, and the Sheraton.  This stop no longer has any character of Times Square, even though it’s only a few blocks north.  There is a mix of older and newer towers here.  The people who live here are doubtless mostly white with plenty of cash.  There are some very upscale restaurants which are likely geared toward the local businessmen or tourists, and there are already some tourists scoping out the area at this early hour.

In:  The station has a strange layout as well, with multiple levels for the trains.  There are two levels with trains, and each has a single platform and two tracks.  The E train and B/D trains arrive on opposite tracks and travel in opposite directions, strangely.  The lighting is dim, there are grey tiles on the floor, and blue metal columns on the platform.  The walls have a narrow, blue tile stripe.  The paint is peeling and the station is generally in bad condition.  There are many stairs to exit here; the station is quite far underground.  There is only a very small booth area and no real mezzanine level.  The booth itself is covered in white tiles and stainless steel, which is out of the ordinary.