Monday, May 4, 2009

C/E Trains - 50 St. (Day 9, stop #361)

Out: This neighborhood is more residential, with a bit of office character.  There are many small stores, banks, a drug store, and a fancy restaurant, Thalia’s, right on the corner.  The neighborhood is quite upscale with a mix of modern apartment buildings but still close to many office buildings as well.  There is a wide mix of people on the street, but most look relatively wealthy. I took these photos last week (7/16) in the afternoon.

In:  The station here is bi-level, with the C train stopping upstairs with a four track, two plat setup (A express bypass), while the E train is on the lower level; each track is separated by a partition wall so the layout appears to be one track, one platform.  The walls are dirty white tiles with a tile mosaic of “50th St.” in the typical IND style on a blue background.  There are blue metal columns by the platform edge as well.