Monday, May 4, 2009

E/F/R/V Trains - 71st Ave.-Continental Ave. (Day 9, stop #363)

Out:  The neighborhood here is very mixed, ethnically; not surprising for Queens.  There are Asians, whites, South Indian, black, and Hispanic people around, but it seems predominantly white.  

Queens Blvd. here is very wide, with 12 lanes across (6 in the middle are express lanes, with few turnoffs, while there are also three separated local lanes on each side).  

There are some large brick apartments nearby and plenty of stores.  Many are not open yet (9 a.m.) but still looks pretty pleasant in general; very middle class and mostly residential off of Queens Blvd.  Strangely, there is a large office tower directly on top of the station; I guess it could be considered convenient.

In:  Took the train all the way out to Queens on the E express to explore the stops out here and then work my way back towards Manhattan.  The layout here is two platform, four track, with local (R/V) and express (E/F) access.  The station looks old and dirty, and it is the last stop for the R and V.  There are dirty white tiles on the wall with a sea green tile stripe.  There are also sea green metal columns by the platform edge.  Even though it’s not too late in the day, it is HOT in here!  The mezzanine is long and dimly lit.  The Manhattan-bound platform is packed with commuters waiting for the express train.