Thursday, May 7, 2009

B/C Trains - 110 St.-Cathedral Pkwy. (Extra Days, stop #454)

Out:  The exit here is at the NW corner of Central Park.  

There is a lot of construction going on in the not-yet-completed traffic circle here.  

There are now many gentrifiers around, and their presence is gaining when compared to the number of black people on the streets.  I can see the trees of Central Park along with two big apartment towers here, the “Towers on the Park”.  

There are also a number of other brick-fronted tenements around.  There is a cleaners, a grocery, a café, and a gas station here, but in general it’s much more residential than commercial.

In:  The mezzanine here is small with a dimly lit platform.  There’s a mosaic tile mural with the title “Migrations”, that is tasteful if a bit abstract.  The platform color scheme and layout is similar to 116 St., but here the express tracks are running below grade.  There is also a mosaic tile mural on the platform depicting Frederick Douglass.