Thursday, May 7, 2009

B/C Trains - 103 St. (Extra Days, stop #455)

Out:  The station here is next to Central Park, as the next many stations will also be.  It’s very residential here.  On 103rd there are a number of brick tenements and some Puerto Rican flags flying.  On the block there are some older black and Puerto Rican men hanging out.  103rd itself is quite small here, with just one lane of traffic.  

On CPW there are more people out and some tourists speaking a Scandanavian language, along with many other white people/gentrifiers.  There are also many people who look like they are just leaving the park after a run or other exercise.  There is also some type of protest going on about a block away (see photo).  

In the park here there are some large boulders across from the stop, indicating the rockier terrain in this northern section. On CPW there are basically only fancy residential buildings with many arches, bay windows, and other accents on the façade.

In:  The station is a bit dirtier than 110 St.  The color scheme is similar to the previous stops, with blue metal columns and a blue mosaic tile name, but the layout has changed.  Now the station is bi-level, with the uptown tracks on the top level, just one flight below street level, along with the booth and turnstiles.  On each level there is one platform and two tracks, with the outer track being the express bypass.  The platform wall has white tiling while the far wall is just black backing with no tiling.