Thursday, May 7, 2009

B/C Trains - 116 St. (Extra Days, stop #453)

Out:  The area near this stop features some good Harlem architecture, with a mix of brownstones and well-maintained brick apartment buildings with art deco accents.  

The area around the stop is mostly black, with a strong Senegalese presence, as well as a good number of gentrifiers.  

There is a Halal deli, some Senegalese stores, and women in headscarves.  The local mosque, the “Masjid Aqsa”, is near the 99¢ store.  I walked down to 110 St. from here.

In:  The station walls here are covered in dirty white tiles, and the stop is dimly lit.  There are blue metal columns by the platform edge.  The layout here is two opposing platforms with four tracks and express bypass.  There is a blue mosaic station name in the IND style.  The paint here is peeling pretty badly at certain places.  There is only one exit.