Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A/C Trains - Chambers St. (Day 10, stop #400)

Out:  The buildings here are a mix of tenements and former factories/warehouses.  There are also some small restaurants, fast food spots, and a bar.  Some of the restaurants look like they’ve been around for ages, but some of the newer ones look quite upscale; yet they still look designed for quick lunches and not much more.  The establishments here clearly cater to a work crowd, and all the people on the street look like office workers.  The station is only two blocks from City Hall, but there are only a couple of tourists over here.  The streets are a little dirty, and the large skyscrapers cast deep shadows on much of the street.  

In:  One platform, two tracks, with only local trains in both directions.  There is also an extra, inaccessible track next to the uptown side (this is the E track from WTC stop); this side of the platform only has black walls with no tiles.  On the other side of the station, the tiling is small white tiles with a purple tile stripe.  There are not mosaic station names here, but there are blue-grey metal columns by the platform edge.  The grey tile floor is pretty clean.  The station has multiple exits.  There is a long, narrow, and poorly lit mezzanine that runs the length of the platform.  One the mezzanine there is mosaic tile artwork of people’s eyes interspersed at many points along the walls.