Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A/C Trains - High St.-Brooklyn Bridge (Day 10, stop #401)

Out:  It’s clear I came out in the wrong exit over here!  I’m trapped next to some random parking lots and factories, with almost no one around.  Right next to here there are walled-off approaches to the Brooklyn Bridge, so there isn’t any good way to get to a more populated area.  At least I can see the top of the bridge (see photo), and this exit is very close to the “Watchtower”.  

Some of the other tall buildings of downtown Brooklyn are also visible here.  In general, though, there is barely anything going on right here.  There are some projects nearby, but I don’t see too many residents.  There is also a surprising number of white people, and not even all of them look like office workers; however, they are likely still gentrifiers.

In:  The layout here is one platform, two track with local trains in both directions.  The low ceiling is curved across the ceiling, in the tunnel tube style.  The platform is narrow and pretty dirty, and the lighting is only OK.  There is a purple tile stripe on the wall, and purple metal columns by the platform.  The station feels pretty claustrophobic.  The mezzanine is basically a long, narrow tunnel to exit the platform.  There is also an escalator up to the booth area, but then there is still another long tunnel to exit at High St.