Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A/C/E Trains - Canal St. (Day 10, stop #399)

Out:  Not too many people around, but there is plenty of traffic coming off and approaching the Holland Tunnel.  There are lots of old impressive factories and warehouses, and the area has a post-industrial feel.  There are a number of new construction projects along with converted lofts/condos.  There are also some hardware stores and some signs in Chinese over here, as well as a theater and some small restaurants.  In general, though, there isn’t too much commercial activity.  East on Canal I see more tenements of 4-6 stories that look pretty old.  To the south and west there is the more industrial feel.  

This intersection also has a pretty open feeling, as there are wide roads here along with a good amount of space between the large buildings.  The few people on the block indicate that this border of SoHo and Tribeca is being exposed to a high degree of gentrification, despite the remaining industrial look.

In:  Two platform, four track layout with local and express access.  The platform is pretty wide with a grey tile floor.  There is small white tiling on the walls, with a dark blue strip, and the station name on small black tiles.  There are blue metal columns in the middle of the platform.  The station is pretty well-lit and in decent shape.  Between the uptown and downtown express tracks there are some dividers with white tile and “Canal St.” in tile mosaic; kind of unusual.  The mezzanine is long and runs much of the length of the platform.  There is a nice artistic touch, with small metal crows perched on the black metal grating that separates the controlled from uncontrolled areas.  Also near the stairs back down to the platform, the “down” sign is in a different font than usual.