Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Train - Van Siclen Ave. (Day 10, stop #416)

Out: The neighborhood here is very residential but definitely kind of rough around the edges. There are lots of short row houses in red/yellow brick, and not too much commercial activity. The streets are pretty empty, too; this stop is not particularly exciting. There are also some empty lots, a couple delis, and a seafood restaurant with Jamaican and American food. The neighborhood looks primarily black with some Hispanic, but there aren’t too many people around so it’s hard to tell. For some reason I’m getting a bit of an ominous feeling here, so I get back on the train quickly.

In: The layout here is two platform, two track (i.e. no express, only local). The station is elevated with white ridged panels covering about ¾ of the platform length with only a short railing at the ends. There is lots of peeling paint and the station is in pretty crappy condition. The platform looks like it’s buckling a bit in some places. There are no columns next to the platform, but the green arches supporting the roof from the wall also have peeling paint. The station house is pretty small and looks old, but at least the paint is a little fresher.