Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Train - Pennsylvania Ave. (Day 10, stop #417)

Out:  The street here is pretty wide, with four lanes of traffic on Pennsylvania Ave. (which, appropriately, is one block from New Jersey Ave.).  However, while there are lots of cars over here, there aren’t too many people.  The residential buildings are brick tenements and attached houses, some of which on the side streets are covered in siding.  There are also a couple of delis and a Crown Fried Chicken.  The neighborhood looks mostly black with some Hispanic, and still feels pretty rough.  Nearby there is a small playground and a big red school about a block away.  There are a bunch of rowdy teenagers roaming around and yelling.  I get back on the train pretty quickly and don’t risk taking out my camera.

In:  The station here is again similar to Van Siclen, but with a fresher coat of paint on the walls of the platform.  Otherwise, though, it still feels pretty decrepit.