Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Train - Junius St. (Day 10, stop #418)

Out: This area definitely looks pretty unattractive; at the bottom of the stairs there is a bunch of broken glass. There are no businesses around, just big housing projects right by the stop with lots of guys hanging out outside, along with an enormous empty lot filled with weeds. Across the lot, about a block away, there are some small attached brick houses. The area still looks mostly black with some Hispanic.

In: On the approach to the station, the train passes an interesting turn-off where it looks like the 3 train could potentially access the L track (and vice-versa); interesting, I wonder if that was ever put into use. The inside of the station is similar to Van Siclen, except for that the layout has now changed to two platform, three track with the middle track bypass bypass (the middle track came from the turnoff down to the L, so it doesn’t seem like it’s actually express).