Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Train - Rockaway Ave. (Day 10, stop #419)

Out:  This neighborhood still looks pretty rough, but not quite as bad as Junius.  There is the “Brownsville Gourmet Deli, the “Sam Korf Pharmacy”, and “Kingston Kuts” in a small shopping strip right outside the stop.  There is also some other commercial stuff around, including a Popeye’s, liquor store, and a few delis.  This stop is again right next to some large projects.  There is a building that looks like a school, with a weed-infested empty lot behind it.  There are some older-looking factories or warehouses as well, but they look disused and in disrepair at this point.  Surprisingly, though, there is some new construction going up here.  There is a cop here plus the neighborhood looks kind of dangerous, so I don’t take out the camera.

In:  This station here is again similar to Van Siclen, and the layout is back to two platform, two track.  There is tons of peeling paint which reveals hints of a burgundy and blue color scheme in some previous incarnation of this stop.