Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Train - Saratoga Ave. (Day 10, stop #420)

Out: There is a mix here of low brick attached houses with plastic awnings as well as some red brick tenements. The neighborhood still looks lower-income and predominantly black. Some of the businesses around include the “Brownsville Discount Store” at the corner, as well as a nearby deli and Crown Fried Chicken along with other mom & pop type stores (i.e. T-Shirt printing). There are some trees in a small park about a block away. There aren’t too many people on the street, but there are some adults riding around on bikes. I also see some little kids walking around on their own, which I’m not sure is a good thing (i.e. it’s safe enough for them to be doing that) or a bad thing (i.e. their parents don’t know what their kids are doing).

In: Impressively, this station is even worse condition than Rockaway Ave. The station house is also pretty bad (like the other stations), but also has an annoying and circuitous exit path. The only redeeming value of this station is an old school “To Street” sign on the stairs down, but it’s probably only there because they forgot to remove it.