Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Train - Sutter Ave.-Rutland Ave. (Day 10, stop #421)

Out:  The neighborhood here seems a little less rough, which is a pleasant surprise.  There is more commercial activity around as well as more people on the street.  There are still some old industrial-type buildings around, along with brick row houses and brick tenements.  There are some buildings that are two-story but with commercial outlets on the ground floor.  Some of the establishments here include a pizza place, a McDonald’s, and a nail place, as well as African hair braiding and a Crown Fried Chicken and Royal Fried Chicken right next to each other.  The stores look to be a bit higher quality than others in the farther out stops.  There is definitely some West Indian presence here, and the neighborhood is still predominantly black with a few Hispanic people.

In:  Again, there is tons of peeling paint here.  Perhaps it is the worst-looking station I’ve seen thus far in my travels (but it seems that the 3 train keeps throwing up surprising extensions to the limits of crappiness).  Super ugly.