Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Train - Kingston Ave. (Day 10, stop #422)

Out: The exit to the station is again in the middle of Eastern Parkway. I’m surprised to suddenly find tons of Orthodox Jews and signs in Yiddish outside the station, reminding me that I’m back in Crown Heights, done with my tours of East New York and Brownsville.
There are also a good number of black people as well, and perhaps a couple of Gentiles. On one corner here there is a very large, modern building in silver and glass, which I find out is the Jewish Children’s Museum (see photos), and across from it is a synagogue with kids and adults outside.

I definitely had no idea this was all the way out here. There are also many well-maintained apartment buildings and some lower-slung brick buildings around. There are some attractive town houses with bay windows, too. Eastern Parkway has some impressive larger buildings as well, and the trees again offer a nice feeling to the stop. Definitely a good architectural mix here. There isn’t too much commercial stuff right here, but there seems to be more about a block off of Eastern parkway.

In: The station here is now back underground. There are white tiled walls, a tile mosaic border on the top in blue, green, and yellow with a “K” inlaid. There are also a few “Kingston Ave” signs in tile mosaic on the walls in the same color scheme. This station is two level, like Utica Ave., with the lower level (Manhattan-bound) having one platform and two tracks, with express bypass. The tunnel-side is only painted black with no tiling. There are yellow metal columns by the platform, and the lighting is a little dim.