Thursday, May 7, 2009

3 Train - Nostrand Ave. (Day 10, stop #423)

Out:  The area by the stop here is open and residential-feeling.  There is an old Kings County Savings Bank building (see photo) and some other interesting and impressive old buildings on Eastern.  

This includes an old theater converted into a church.  There are nice apartment buildings in red brick along Eastern, and both the main drag and the side streets have some commercial places.  There’s a Big Apple Fried Chicken right next to the Crown Fried Chicken, as well as discount stores and pharmacies.  The residential buildings are mostly low-slung apartment buildings and row houses in brick here, but I also see some well-maintained brownstones. It appears that the neighborhood is back to being all African-American/West Indian.  The area certainly looks much nicer than the stops farther out on the 3.

In:  This station is a little more run-down than Kingston.  There is a mosaic tile border with “N” in burgundy, green, and blue.  The layout here is still two level, each with one platform and two tracks with express bypass. There are white tiles on the wall by the platform, but the tunnel side is just black.  There is a small booth area attached to the upper level, and no real mezzanine.  There is a yellow mosaic tile stripe on part of the wall and green metal columns by the platform edge.