Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 Train - Brooklyn College-Flatbush Ave. (Day 10, stop #424)

Out:  The area out side this stop is kind of a haphazard mix of creaky houses, a parking lot, the “Meat Barn” market, fast food, an Army recruiting center, the “Brooklyn House of Locks” and large construction site that is the future home of a huge Target.  

The people appear to be mostly black.  The housing is mostly brick tenements near the stop, but the side streets have smaller detached houses on tree-lined blocks. 

I walked a couple blocks over to Brooklyn College, and the blocks are suddenly much more diverse.  There is even a Starbucks here; again I bought some overpriced water and used the bathroom.  On Flatbush Ave. itself, a little removed from the subway entrance, there are many larger stores including a Foot Locker and Rite Aid, as well as a Popeye’s, Golden Krust, and “Lords Photocakes”.  There is definitely a lot of stuff happening around here.

In:  The layout here is two opposing platforms and two tracks, which is a bit unusual for the last stop on the line.  The station looks newly renovated, with bright white tiles and blue tile accents, and the lighting is good.  There is an elaborate mosaic tile station name on the wall, with a maroon background and yellow and green border.  The top border of the wall also has mosaic tile in the same colors and stripe of large blue tiles.  Inlaid in the walls is some type of bronzed sculpture of figures in cloaks.