Thursday, May 7, 2009

2 Train - Newkirk Ave. (Day 10, stop #425)

Out:  The neighborhood around here looks a bit rougher than at Flatbush Ave.  Some of the buildings are in decent shape, but others are more run down.  There is a florist, delis, fish market, Citibank, and a large Catholic church (see photo).  

There are many row houses on both Nostrand and Newkirk, as well as a school nearby.  Nothing particularly exciting though.  In general there is strong West Indian/Caribbean feel, and almost everyone around is black.

In:  There are dirty white tiles on the walls here, but the station is in generally OK condition.  The layout here is two opposing platform, two track.  There are green metal columns by the platform edge.  The border at the top of the wall is made of large green tiles.  Newkirk Ave.” sign is another elegant tile mosaic with a blue background and green border.  There is no mezzanine or crossover here.