Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 Train - New Lots Ave. (Day 10, stop #415)

Out:  Outside the stop here there are many low-slung row houses in OK condition.  There’s a cheap Chinese place, a nail salon, and a fish market, some of the typical lower- to middle-income establishments.  

There is also an interesting graffiti memorial to someone Panamanian.  Ethnically the neighborhood seems mixed between black and Hispanic.  Surprisingly, the elevated tracks continue onward to the east even though this is the last stop; maybe there are some abandoned stations in that direction, or just the train yards.  There aren’t a ton of people around here, andeven though there are a few stores it’s not such a busy commercial strip.  There are also some single family homes with ugly stone façade work and plastic-looking awnings.

In:  I took one photo on the approach to the station, as I’m the only one in the car here at the end of the 3 line and I won’t arouse any suspicions.  

The layout in the station is a one track, two platform setup, and the stop is elevated above the streets.  There is lots of peeling paints on the metal roof supports.  It probably was burgundy at one point in time.  The station house is also in poor condition.  There are no walls on the side of the platform, and I can see over to a newer housing development about half a block away, as well as other construction projects.  These indicate a potential sign of investment in the neighborhood, but none of it seems tied to gentrification.