Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3/4 Trains - Utica Ave.-Crown Heights (Day 10, stop #414)

Out:  The exit here is in the middle of Eastern Parkway.  There is small outdoor market going on across Eastern (see photo).  

The neighborhood seems mostly black, with a strong West Indian presence.  However I also see a few Hispanics and a couple of Asians.  Some of the buildings around include a McDonald’s, a deli, and the “Pierre Toussant Health Center”.  

There’s an Army recruiting center and an old stone bank building, now converted to a Banco Popular.  The residential buildings are a mix of brick tenements, sloped roofs, and stone row houses, kind of an interesting mix.  The trees on Eastern Parkway give the intersection a fairly open feeling.  In general, this quite a bustling intersection with lots of people around.

In:  One platform, two track layout (one for 3 train, the other for the 4) split on two levels, with the Manhattan-bound side on the bottom.  The walls look recently renovated, with white tile and yellow accent, as well as a mosaic tile “U” on a brown background at the top of the wall.  There are blue metal columns by the edge of the platform as well as grey tile floors.  The station looks pretty decent, overall.  At the mezzanine there are small inlays of dinosaurs and other creatures in the wall.  Near the exit there is a blue tile painting of the moon and a rocket ship, too.  The mezzanine is small and fairly crowded.