Thursday, May 7, 2009

2/3/4/5 Trains - Atlantic Ave. (Day 10, stop #434)

Out:  This subway station, along with LIRR tracks, are actually directly attached to a large, mid- to upscale-looking shopping complex.  On Atlantic itself there is lots of traffic and some big box stores as part of the shopping center (P.C. Richards, Target) as well as smaller apartment buildings.  

There are people of many races around, but it’s not clear who lives here or who is just passing through.  The station here is also right next to the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building.  I got an Italian Ice from a cart here to relieve my parched-ness, but unfortunately it only tasted ok and left a metallic aftertaste.

In:  This station is actually quite nice.  There is a Penn Station-style division of tracks, with a four track, three platform layout.  The center platform is for express trains (4/5) in both directions, while the outer two platforms are for the local (2/3) trains only.  There is a large frosted glass wall covering one side of the station, but otherwise there are white tiles on the walls.  There is a maroon mosaic tile station sign, and granite staircases for transfer to other trains.  On the floor there is an inlaid pattern with symbols reminiscent of a Guyanese flag.  I exit via the LIRR tracks, which are directly attached to this set of subway tracks.