Thursday, May 7, 2009

2/3/4/5 Trains - Nevins St. (Day 10, stop #435)

Out:  This exit is near the intersection of Flatbush, Fulton, and Nevins.  It’s pretty busy here at 5 p.m.  There is a McDonald’s, office buildings, and some apartments; a fairly interesting mix.  There are some big stores but plenty of smaller ones mixed in.  

There are people of all types here: mostly black, but plenty of Hispanic, white, and South Asian.  Again it’s not clear who lives here and who is just passing through.  There are also a decent number of homeless people around. This stop gives a feel for some of the grittiness of downtown Brooklyn.

In:  The layout here is two platform, four track with local and express access.  There are white tile walls and green rounded columns.  The station is kind of dingy, with a very small mezzanine.  There are some line drawings on flat panels near the exit stairs.