Thursday, May 7, 2009

2/3 Trains - Bergen St. (Day 10, stop #433)

Out: The station here is right next to Yummy Taco and Bergen Bagels, two of my favorite Park Slope landmarks. There are still many white people around, both a mix of old-school Brooklyn and younger new arrivals. There is still a decent number of black people and some Hispanics as well. The station here is right on Flatbush Ave., which serves as the border between Prospect Heights and Park Slope. Some of the nearby establishments include some upscale restaurants along with more typical downscale mom and pop stores.

There is a small police precinct building right outside the stop, as well as plenty of small apartment buildings in brick as well as some row houses. There actually aren’t any brownstones in the immediate vicinity of the station, even though I know there are plenty in the surrounding blocks.

In: The visible layout here is one platform, one track with a separating wall in white tile. The walls are pretty dirty and light is ok. The platform is pretty narrow for the most part, except next to the booth area which is on the same level. There is a blue mosaic tile station sign with a sea green border; there is the same color scheme for the tile stripe and “B” at the top of the wall.