Thursday, May 7, 2009

2/3 Trains - Grand Army Plaza (Day 10, stop #432)

Out:  At this stop, coming in from outer Brooklyn, it is clear that gentrification has begun!  At the train entrance there are three young women all talking on their Sidekicks while wearing big sunglasses; kind of funny, really.  There are big, leafy islands near the plaza itself.  The buildings are mostly apartment building in brick.  

There are now plenty of white people around, but still a good number of black people as well.  There are not too many stores right by the plaza, but a few more near the stop; the actual plaza is a couple minute walk east of the stop itself.  I only get close enough to zoom in and get a shot of the small statues on the top of the arch in the middle of Grand Army Plaza (see photo).

In:  The layout here is one platform, two tracks for trains in both directions.  The platform is quite wide and the lighting is good.  The white tiles here look recently renovated, and there are yellow metal columns at the edge and middle of the platform.  On the top of the wall there is a small mosaic strip in grey and yellow, and there are small light blue accent tiles on the wall.  The mezzanine is reasonably sized with embedded artwork of a winged figure and trumpet.