Thursday, May 7, 2009

2/3 Trains - Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum (Day 10, stop #431)

Out: The exit to the station here is right by the Brooklyn Museum here (see photo below). There are lots of white people visiting the museum, including some tourists. There are some kids skating outside (see photo above), despite signs explicitly prohibiting it.

Across the street from the museum there are some Tudor-style apartment buildings and one extremely large, pre-war apartment block overlooking the museum and into Prospect Park. The area still looks mostly black and relatively nice for this part of Brooklyn. There are not too many stores or commercial places around.

In: The station is again in good shape, with shiny white tiles and a mosaic station sign with a blue background and green, yellow, and burgundy borders. The top of the wall is similar with a green tile stripe and “M” on a blue background. There are green columns by the edge of the platform. The lighting is bright, too. There’s a two platform, two track setup; I can’t see the express tracks from here. On the mezzanine there is some well-done artwork depicting historical figures and museum-y pieces on a tile mosaic background.