Tuesday, April 21, 2009

R Train - Lawrence St.-MetroTech (Day 5, stop #233)

Out: The exit here is right in the middle of downtown Brooklyn, with tall office buildings, small electronics shops, and clothing stores.

Most of the people around are black, but there are also a good number of office workers of various ethnicities. This station is one block from the stores on Fulton Mall, but there are plenty of stores/bars/restaurants nearby, even if the immediate area looks a little downscale.

As the station name indicates, it’s also right next to Brooklyn Tech.

In: This station has a single narrow platform with two tracks, one for each direction. Everything here is concrete. There’s mosaic tile on the mezzanine, but on the platform level itself the station looks pretty dirty and doesn’t even have any tiles on the wall; they’re just painted black and are covered with dirt. The ceiling is curved, giving the feeling of the beginning of a tunnel.