Tuesday, April 21, 2009

B/Q/R Trains - DeKalb Ave. (Day 5, stop #232)

Out: This exit is at the edge of downtown Brooklyn.  Most of the people around are office workers, but it seems like most of the nearby residents are black, but it’s hard to tell since there’s a lot flux.  I exit near the Applebee’s and there are other typical stores around, but there is also the Long Island University hospital and nursing school right next to the stop.  The intersection is busy, where DeKalb hits Flatbush Ave as well as the Fulton Mall.  There’s lots of activity during this Friday afternoon rush hour.

In: The layout here is one platform, two tracks, with one side for the R and the other for the B/Q.  The D and N express pass the stop behind a partion wall; there’s also a wall separating the Manhattan-bound from the outbound platform.  There’s nice white tiling on the wall, and metal columns with white and burgundy paint on the platform.  The “DeKalb Ave.” station sign is in white and burgundy tile mosaic.  The station looks good, overall.  The mezzanine is also in good shape with tiled floors.  There are some large tile mosaic murals that cover ~20 feet of curved wall at the entrance.  There is also an unusual dual staircase that surrounds an elevator at the SE corner.