Tuesday, April 21, 2009

D/N/R Trains - Pacific St. (Day 5, stop #231)

Out: This exit at Pacific and 4th Ave. has a pretty church on the corner, a nearby Modell’s, and some well maintained brownstones.  

The people around seem pretty mixed between black, white, and Hispanic.  It’s clear that this is a “nice” neighborhood, even if 4th Ave. is not the most scenic part of it.

In: The layout here is one platform, two tracks for local and express access towards Manhattan.  The outbound tracks are again separated by a partition wall.  There are square white tiles on the walls with a tile trim in light blue and green.  There is a tile mosaic for “Pacific Street” station sign and top border of the walls.  The mezzanine is big and brightly lit, with new white tiles on the wall, and there are extensive connections to the other trains at the Atlantic stop.  One of the staircases also has some cool fake stone built in.