Tuesday, April 21, 2009

R Train - Court St. (Day 5, stop #234)

Out: The exit is directly by Borough Hall, the Supreme Court building, and the large Post Office building.  

These are the important buildings of administrative downtown Brooklyn.  There are also many other tall office buildings around.  

Cadman Plaza here has a large swathe of open space and trees.  There are mostly office workers around, and given there is very little residential in the immediate area it’s unlikely too many people live right here.

In: One platform, two track layout, with trains in both directions.  The side walls are again curved in the tunnel-entrance style.  This time, though, the station walls are covered with white tiles.  There are yellow metal columns on the platform.  Overall, the station is not in prime shape.  The mezzanine has long escalators up to the exit and token booth.  There is also a long, dim tunnel to walk to access the exit, with a concrete floor and white tiles on the wall.  The exit is the same as the 2/3/4/5 at Borough Hall.