Tuesday, April 21, 2009

R Train - 95 St. (Day 6, stop #252)

Out:  This neighborhood is clearly very residential.  There are large apartment buildings as well as some row houses on the side streets.  

The buildings are mostly in brick and well-maintained.  Some of the apartment buildings have sharp, sloping roofs, approaching Tudor-style architecture.  

There is a nice Brooklyn public library building, an upscale-looking bar called “Speakeasy”, a fancy steakhouse, and an “International Food” restaurant with Cyrillic characters.  There are also some other services and a church.  Ethnically, it looks mostly white around here.

In: The layout here is single platform with two tracks for trains to lay up at the end of the line.  There is white tiling on the walls with a mosaic tile top border, mostly in yellow.  The station is definitely nicer than 86 St., but still a little dingy  the lighting is good, at least.  The mezzanine is long and wide with yellow metal columns.  On the way back into the train I used the bathroom here, which was in surprisingly good shape with bright blue tiles.  It was kind of strange, though, as there were no partitions for stalls and just a couple of toilets sitting out in open space.