Tuesday, April 21, 2009

R Train - 86 St. (Day 6, stop #251)

Out:  This neighborhood again looks pretty upscale.  There are banks, middle eastern food, Vietnamese food, and sushi, as well as other upscale-type services along with the typical delis.  There are large, majestic apartment buildings in brick.  Ethnically the neighborhood seems mixed between white and Hispanic, or at least at this corner.  There are also Greek restaurants and the Hellas Food Store, so maybe there is some Greek presence here.  I don’t see any row houses down the side streets, surprisingly, only smaller apartment buildings.

In:  This station has one platform with two tracks, for trains in both directions.  The floors are concrete, and the walls have no tiles, just painted black (with a little green in some places).  The metal columns on the platform are green, and there are some structures on the platform with large white tiles.  The mezzanine has a convenience store as well as directions to many buses which cross the nearby Verrazano over to Staten Island.