Tuesday, April 21, 2009

N Train - 8 Ave. (Day 6, stop #253)

This is Brooklyn Chinatown, which caught me unawares as I did not know this before arriving at the stop.  Some of the signs on establishments are only in Chinese, while others are in Chinese and English.  There are Chinese supermarkets and restaurants near the stop, and around the corner there is a Chinese lumber store that I took a photo of.  There is mostly a mix of business and storage warehouses/large suppliers near here.  The residences here are mostly small red/brown brick apartments; many look in fairly poor condition.  There are some larger buildings within a couple of blocks, but they don’t look that residential.  Everyone I see is Chinese.

In: This station is outdoors, but at street level.  The sides of the station are really ugly concrete with black metal along the top.  The paint is peeling everywhere.  There are express and local tracks, but the express tracks look overgrown with lots of weeds, indicating that they are definitely not in use.  Also near the tracks there are lots of trees growing, but instead of adding a pleasant verdant-ness they just look unkempt and messy. On the platform there are green metal columns.  I also saw a Chinese guy here first picking his nose, then shooting snot rockets.  Definitely adds to that Chinatown feel.  The station house is on an overpass over the tracks and also is all crumbling concrete and peeling paint.